Amazing new Patterdale Terrier Hunting Video. Patterdale Terriers x Badger

Patterdale Terrier is a dog not known to many people outside of the UK, but the Patterdale Terrier is the most game hunting dog in the world.

Recently did a story with one of the USA’s best Patterdale Terrier hunters, Kurtis Hogan.

There are many Patterdale Terrier breeders who claim to be hunters and put their dogs in the ground but if you look at their web sites they are void of any eveidence that their Patterdale Terriers ever do any hunting.

Not Gaby and Pipper two Patterdale Terriers that are true working Patterdale Terriers.  Kurtis has been a hunter his whole life and he has hunted this father daughter combo for years.

In this amazing Patterdale Terrier video you will see what is rarely done on US soil that is digging to badgers with Patterdale Terriers.

There are a lot of Patterdale Terrier videos on Youtube of Patterdale Terriers running around, digging a hole,  or even hanging their heads out the car window.

Rarely do we get to see a Patterdale Terrier video like this one!  Where we see an actual terrier man and his dogs working real live game.  Let alone on badgers!

There are few people that even work their Patterdale Terriers let alone on Patterdale Terriers on badgers.

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