This new blog is all about Patterdale Terriers!

I think that patterdale terriers are one of the best dogs out there.

Patterdale Terriers are fearless dogs that are great in the ground hunters.

A lot of people compare patterdale terriers to pit bulls but really they are a much more game dog.

Pit bulls are used to fight other dogs and the same sized.  Patterdale Terriers will take on wild animals while hunting that can be 100 times their size. They will also go underground and hunt in the dark closed areas of another animals burrow.

Patterdales terriers are usually on the smaller side ranging from 10lbs to 20lbs. The reason for the smaller size is that need to be able to fit underground in order to hunt their prey.  The will hunt just about anything fox, ground hog, badger, raccoon, nutria, squirrels, and rats.

If you are interested in buying patterdale terriers or seeing a list of patterdale terrier breeders click here.

Patterdale Terrier after a hard days work hunting.

This patterdale terrier was working on some ground hogs.

Hunters have used these dogs for many years hunting underground for quarry. The dogs have been kept in a very tight breeding which makes them very specific for what they are bred on. They are not bread for any specific color but tend to be black or brown. But color is not important to the patterdale breeder.

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2 Responses to This new blog is all about Patterdale Terriers!

  1. HappyHunting says:

    So did the little boy from diggin deep kennels make this joke or what?

  2. Happy Hunting says:

    Somone who thinks this website is a joke…
    I mean, I can tell a child wrote everything on here..anyone who knows anything about fells is gonna know what a bunch of crap this is.

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