Patterdale Terrier Pictures

I will post up pictures of patterdale terriers here on this page.

If you have a patterdale please add pictures of your dog!

These patterdales are from around the world. Most of them are from the USA. They are all working terriers doing what they were bread to do, Hunt!

These animals are not killed they are replaced off of farmer’s farms.  That way they can be hunted again. We don’t believe in animal crudity.

A great working dog.

Minnie out of Riviotta's Tough Terriers

Minnie out of Riviotta's Tough Terriers

Kenzo down a hole.

Kenzo holds the fox.

Famous Terrier men.

Two dogs on a badger.

Group of hunters.

Good looking pup.

Patterdales don’t make good house dogs or normal pets.  They have to much energy and too much fire.  These dogs are just out doing what they are bred to do.  And, they do it well.

More pictures of Patterdale terriers to come!

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