List of Patterdale Terrier Breeders.

There are a lot of Patterdale Terrier Breeders, and it is important to think about what you are looking for from the dog before you select from our list of Patterdale Terrier breeders.

There are different Patterdale Terrier Breeders out there breeding the dogs for different reasons.

Some Patterdale Terrier Breeders are breeding just for hunting skills, some breed Patterdales for size, some breed Patterdales for show dogs, some breed Patterdales for weight pulling, and some even just breed Patterdales for show dogs or the dogs collor.

So when you are shopping for Patterdale Terrier breeders its important to figure out why you want the dog and what you imagine yourself doing with the dog. Most Terrier breeders are hunters and use their dogs as working terriers.  So they are breeding the patterdale terriers more for the way they preform and less for the way the look.  Of course there is a loose breed standard but again these dogs are not breed usually to be show dogs.  They are not AKC registered.

Below you will find a list of breeders that we recommend.

Patterdale Terrier Puppy from Patterdale Terrier Breeders in Ohio.

This is Big Red he is a Patterdale Terrier Puppy.

Diggin Deep Kennels

This is a California  based Breeder.

Deadgame Terriers

This is a West Virgina based Breeder.

Schwab’s Patterdales

This is a German Patterdale Terrier Breeder.

Dave Mason

David is based out of Tennessee. Do not call him Monday nights. That is bluegrass night he will not answer.


Pam has been a breeder for 20 plus years. She is located in California.

California Catchers

Don’t know much about this breeder but he has some good pictures on his site.

These are the patterdale terrier breeders we recommend.

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