Famous Patterdale Terrier Breeders and Hunters.

In almost every pedigree of Patterdale Terriers you find dogs bred by Brian Nuttall.

Some people say that Miner is the dividing line between the old and the new Nuttall Patterdale Terriers.

There are a lot of good Nuttall dogs today you just have to get them from the right people.

Nuttal 1960s

Nuttal Terrier 1960s

Nuttal 1980s

Nuttal Terrier 1980s









Here you can see what is considered the old blood to the new blood in the his Patterdlae Terriers.

Many of the USA’s oldest breeders have been traveling to buy dogs in Europe and bring them back to the states.  Often the smaller dogs that were still game would be brought back because they worked better in the terrain here.  So dogs in Europe tend to be bigger.

Some Famous Nuttal dogs are:

  • Kori – Bred by Tony Riviotta
  • Gripper
  • Taramac
  • Tiny
  • Trixie

Robert Booth is the man some people say who made Patterdale Terriers what they are today.

Without this Robert’s champion bloodlines and breeding standards Patterdale Terriers would not be the excellent hunters and companions that they are today, many feel.

Here is some information Robert himself wrote on his patterdale terriers from the DeadGame Forum.

“I bred Mileo from Booth’s Tiny and Booth’s Simon both were from my great old but ugly Patterdale bitch ” Booth’s “Tonic “A Hall of Fame bitch bred from a dame line I have now kept for aprox fourty years. As many know I have a passion for a deep game terrier but first and formost they must find exeptionaly well and stick untill dug to, be it several hours or days.  “Tiny” (Mileo’s Dame) was exeptional like her father My Booth’s “Tipperary Tim” a patterdale terrier who was also lucky enough to be nominated into the PTCA Hall of Fame.

“Tiny” was a little slow for one of my dogs to start as she showed little interest untill she was a year old it was probably her third outing before she entered a large Badger set and worked for the first time It was my first outing with Mick Sheedy of Ireland and even in a Gang of aprox seven strong digging guys it took seven hours to reach her in hard stoney slig ground some 80 yards from the entrance and aprox twelve feet deep. She stuck to her task and was as always later to prove locked jaw to jaw with her quarry. Whenever the quary tried to move just prior to us breaking though,  as it heard us digging ever closer though but she never aloud that and proved to be an exceptional Patterdale Terrier. As was her half Brother Booth’s Simon was bred out of a very Famous Working Terrier called Booth and Fogarty’s Old Sam dog. Many regard as being one of the best ever digging Terriers of his day in Ireland.

Hoping this sheds a little light as requested, I later sold Both Simon and Tiny in Heavey Pup to Tony Riviolota of Ohio who offered such big money that in those days I found hard to refuse”
In Sport Robert Booth France, the great Patterdale Terrier Breeder.

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One Response to Famous Patterdale Terrier Breeders and Hunters.

  1. John O'Leary says:

    Roberth Booth did nothing for the Patterdale terrier except exploit them for his own personal monetary gain. Just as all of the breeders listed on this site do it with the sole intention of making a living from breeding pups & selling them using lies & fabricating pedigrees to suit. Decent terriermen throughout Britain breed terriers with the intention of improving the breed as a working dog testing their dogs & culling what don’t make the grade not selling their failures on to unsuspecting buyers which in turn are bred from, producing more pups bred from doubtful parents. The information & history throughout this site is farcical & misleading. It is also insulting to the British terriermen of old who strived to make the ‘working’ Patterdale/Fell/Lakeland into the breed they became.

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